Mall St. Matthews

The sound

Louisville Ky’s own “American Idol” style TV show brings positive energy to the Mall St. Matthews

Filming begins tonight!   January 5th, 2016 – The “Sound” was scheduled to film in the Mall St. Matthews starting this week prior to the events of recent weeks.  With the recent disturbances, a fun and positive project like a televised singing competition is very timely.  “The Sound” is a televised local Christian talent competition similar to American Idol or the Voice.  Contestants from throughout Kentuckiana will compete to win prizes and highlight their God given talent.  And viewers will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite contestant at home. WBNA General Manager, Tom Fawbush, said “We are very…

Mall St Matthews ruckus

A quiet weekend for a change at Louisville Ky’s Mall St. Matthews

Louisville, Ky., – It was a relatively quiet weekend at the Mall St. Matthews—a far cry from a Saturday, December 26, 2015. That’s when a large group of youth began what local news outlets are calling everything from a “riot” to “chaos” to “disturbance” that included fights, yelling, theft and forced stores to close early and patrons to run from the building in fear. As a result, Mall St. Matthews management instituted “temporary” rules this past weekend. Here’s what was posted on the mall’s Facebook page: “Mall St. Matthews is launching a temporary Parental Guidance Required (“PGR”) program. Beginning Saturday,…