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Advanced Wedding Lessons – Survival of the Fittest

***Cheesy Love Alert*** Also, no good jokes. As we head into the final few days before the big day, I feel like I’m learning stuff so fast that I can begin to teach some advanced classes.  There have been so many lessons in the last few days that I’m keeping them for the book we write.  So I’ll share the number one.  I’m pretty sure this will hold on as the most important thing planning a wedding can teach you. Planning a wedding is like Navy SEAL training.  Leaving aside the sleep deprivation for now, I always understood things like…

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Not Just Julie’s Dream To Fight CF

Get your hankies ready, friends, because this is a love story. Roy loves Julie. Shortly after they were married when Julie was 23, she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She had been improperly diagnosed and treated for various health issues her whole life until one day she has a name and prognosis for a disease that 50 years ago didn’t let most children ever live to see kindergarten. For years, this was a private struggle. I first met Julie & Roy when I worked as an event director for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They would attend galas and as Roy…