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Will the Fischer Administration Make it ‘Snow’ in Louisville?

When economist Clyde Presotwitz was promoting his book about the developing economies of Asia, Three Billion New Capitalists, he liked to recount a conversation he had with his 20-something son during the early part of the last decade. The topic of that father-son talk focused on the son’s future career ambitions.  The younger Prestowitz, armed with an MBA from one of the leading business schools in the U.S., promptly announced that he was eschewing an expected career in Silicon Valley in order to buy into a Californian ski resort.  The befuddled father demanded to know why.  Back came a very…

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Nothing Certain but Taxes and Death

  Friday night. April 15th. For most, or at least since the dawn of my generation, April fifteenth is tax day. Back in ye olde days it was just a given – no one really knew why or bothered to look it up. Why is this important? Because I’m a member of a Meetup group that organized an event seemingly far scarier than taxes – a trip to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. For those of you who have never heard of Meetup it’s like the days when people used to create clubs for those interested in reading, writing, watching movies, doing…

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Day 581 of My Car-Free Experiment – Meet Jeromy Edwards

It was a Vista Duchess – an obscure brand and model to be sure. I couldn’t recall ever seeing a Vista. This bike looked like it was straight from the carton, but clearly had all the signs of its 1960s vintage – large chrome headlight and taillight with generator, matching yellow handle grips, gum-walled tires, a kickstand, a Pletscher-style rear cargo rack. And everything about the bike was immaculate. I mean, not a scratch!

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Bike, Walk or TARC to Louisville’s Car-Free Happy Hour

Rain or shine, one night each month Louisville’s active transportation advocates get together for food and beverages wherever they can find enough bicycle parking. You should come, even if you need to drive. You’ll meet people from all walks of life. No pun intended. The thing we have in common is some measure of independence from automobiles. Come see. Thursday, April 14 at 5:30 p.m. Can you believe I posted this bit of shameless promotion from my phone! This is crazy for a guy who started out as a printer setting lead type by hand. By the way, folks, here’s…

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With Free Valet Bike Parking You Steal the Thunder with ease

Thunder Over Louisville is this Saturday, and Bike Louisville in partnership with Bicycling for Louisville is again offering free valet bicycle parking to get you in and out of Thunder Over Louisville the smart way. Bike valet parking is the Free Way that keeps you from getting stuck on the freeway. Nothing could be more convenient. You can roll up right behind Slugger Field. Last year almost 800 people took advantage of it! If you’re going, this year you should be one of them. It’ll save you from the gridlock and frustrations of getting in and out of the crowd….

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Sypher in Stripes – Not a Good Look

Karen Sypher–opportunist, Succubus. connoisseur of Italian cuisine, is behind bars. The first visitors? A psychiatrist, a priest an agent? I say the latter. Can’t make this stuff up, can ya’? Ripped from the pages, well, restaurants of Louisville, Kentucky. I imagine a movie of the week or more than likely, a faux-female-empowered drama on Lifetime. Shame there isn’t a Good Ol’ Boy network or it would get play there. As for highly paid sports figures who are responsible for leading young men through their athletic and academic careers–who might play the part of one of the few college coaches (and…

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In Defense of Fast Trains

As a citizen of the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth, I can’t even get snail rail service from Louisville to Cincinnati, Indianapolis or Nashville! Yet just about everyone I know gets absolutely giddy whenever the prospect of rail travel gets the least bit of discussion. It’s a fact that Main street America has been yearning for fast rail for decades. That we don’t take it seriously is a national disgrace.

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Yes, It’s Still March Madness, only 2012…Get Ready Louisville!

I know, I know, I should be talking about horses and Derby hats,  bourbon, betting and Barnstable’s.  Basketball is over, no more Blueston, no more Cardinals till the leaves start to turn colors…It really takes me a while to “put the ball away”. What has helped me in my catatonic, saddened state the past 2 weeks?( I am a Cardinal fan after all) No, not the bourbon mentioned….do you know me that well already? Come on, it’s like every Cardinal and Wildcat and Hoosier and Knight’s fan, it’s the thought of next year, the new season, the new players, all of our hope and…

Red Hog Tapas Satisfy!

Last night, my cohabitante Sarah and I decided not to slave in the kitchen, but to venture out. We’re very well acquainted with the abundant assortment of excellent eateries within walking distance of our Crescent Hill home, but I decided to surprise Sarah by trying something new. I noticed that Red Hog Tapas open only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Perfect timing. We passed on seeing an early showing of the movie “Limitless,” only to find that Red Hog’s tapas menu could be similarly headlined. But wait, there’s more – a separate sheet of Red Hog Specials. And an amazing assortment of very reasonably priced wines and draught and bottled beers.