Louisville traffic

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New Traffic Lane Isn’t Helping

Has anyone else noticed the increased traffic buildup that’s happening at the newly remodeled I-64 and Watterson Expressway? This is totally bugging the crap out of me. An entire right lane was added along I-64 between Hurstbourne and the Watterson interchange. I thought the point was to relieve the 3 lane buildup but now, all the traffic starts building up around Hurstbourne in the only lane devoted to Watterson West bound traffic. The root of the problem begins way over at the intersection of Breckenridge and Dutchmans Lane. Cars begin to back up, spill out onto the Watterson Westbound which…

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Traffic gremlins? What’s yours?

Enough is enough. Greg Fischer’s No. 1 job as new mayor of Louisville has nothing to do with bridges, budgets, figuring out why the Kentucky Derby Festival eliminated Iroquois Park from the Mini Marathon (toughest job the man has been faced with so far, I’m certain) or who the head dog catcher in town is going to be. No, his main priority should be working on finding someone–some computer–to keep our streets and traffic flowing as smoothly as one of his silk ties. Sounds trivial, I know, but what in local politics isn’t, really? Seriously, I think Louisville may have…