Beargrass creek

LouisvilleKY’s Beargrass Creek presentation to take place Monday at Mayor’s Gallery

Louisville, Ky., – The Mayor’s Music and Art Series will feature a special Earth Day presentation of “Beargrass: The Creek in Our Backyard” in the Mayor’s Gallery at Metro Hall on Monday, April 24 at Noon. The documentary will be followed by a panel discussion, and informational vendor booths will be on site. “Beargrass: The Creek in Our Backyard,” examines Louisville’s primary urban stream in all its majesty and misery. It serves as a vital conversation starter designed to engage all residents and visitors in the future of the creek and the neighborhoods that comprise its 61-square-mile watershed. The documentary…

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Dyche Starred in KET’s Election Coverage

It’s hard to complain about KET’s coverage of the election last night. The statewide network’s show, anchored competently by Bill Goodman and Renee Shaw, had the most-up-to-date numbers on the Beshear landslide, and included interviews with reporters from around the state (including the C-J’s Joe Gerth). There werre on-site interviews with politicos, like the GOP’s uncomfortable Steve Robertson, and every concession and victory speech.  It lasted 208 minutes. But the highlight of the show was in the studio, and specifically John David Dyche,who refused to go along with anyone’s party line. Jennifer Moore, the former chair of the state Democratic…