Kenwood Drive-In

kenwood drive in

Councilwoman Welch to host special ceremony to honor LouisvilleKY’s Kenwood Drive In

Ceremony set for Tuesday, July 31st at noon Louisville – In the days before YouTube, Netflix and Pay per View, there was one special place in Louisville’s South End to take the family out for a movie and you didn’t have to get out of the car. One Tuesday, July 31st Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch (D-13), the Kentucky Historical Society and representatives of the Iroquois Neighborhood Association will dedicate the Commonwealth’s newest Historical Marker at the Kenwood Drive In. “Sixty nine years ago, the Kenwood Drive In held its Grand Opening and for those of us who grew up in South Louisville and the surrounding…

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Let’s Get Behind the Kenwood

I think I saw Saturday Night Fever about a dozen times at the Kenwood Drive-In in the summer of 1978. Me and a few pals would try hiding in our trunk, while one of us drove in alone. When we started getting caught doing that, we knew where there was a hole in the fence surrounding the Southside Drive landmark. Back then, getting away with sneaking in must have saved us $2. Of course, this came after cruising around to several stores trying to buy enough Little Miller’s to get through the movies. Once inside, we’d hang out near the…