Jon Fleischaker

2016-01-29 08.07.06

LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Rusty’s Take, Podcast Excellence and Shiny New Things

It sure has been a good week for me — I started swimming at LA Fitness, the first exercise I’ve had in months, U of L got its biggest win of the year against UNC the night before UK suffered its most embarrassing loss, and I got treated to a free beer at World of Beer and lunch from Thorntons. The Rusty podcast includes a new friend and an old one. And we finalized plans for a couple of great future events. Details of these and other happenings: Tailspin Tales: On Rusty, I introduced you to Trevor Cravens, president of…

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Judge Stops Those Awful Commercials, and the AG Debate

A Frankfort judge yesterday gave an important election victory to Gov. Steve Beshear, as if he needed one. Judge Thomas Wingate issued a restraining order prohibiting a secretive group, Restoring America, from airing TV commercials critical of Beshear. Wingate said the group is breaking campaign laws because it won’t reveal the names of donors who contributed $1.3 million to run the ads. Instead, the group reported that all of its money came from one source, something called Restoring America Inc.  That group won’t have to reveal its income source until January, when it won’t matter. No one at the Ohio-based…

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Groundhogged in Louisville

Up in Punxsatawny, Phil the Groundhog did not see his shadow this morning, so you can count on an early spring.  Yippee! Sometimes it seems like I’m in that Groundhog Day movie with Bill Murray, because every year I go to the same party and they show the movie and all the same people are there. Just kidding. I do have plans to attend the 33rd Annual Groundhog’s Day Celebration, hosted by my cousin Julie Ryan and her husband Kevin, who own the most extensive collection of Groundhog crap this side of Punxsatawny. Fortunately, the location changes every year, and…