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THE WEEK: Let me Tell You About My Golf Score, and More

THE WEEK is, well, late this week. Sorry about that. On Thursday, when I usually put it together, I was hosting a special dinner for my son Nick (an ex-Rusty guest who is leaving to study Theatre in Italy) and my son Josh (who turned 24 Friday). Check out my account of our hiking trip to Red River Gorge on If you’re like me, you hate it when people come up and think you’ll be interested in how their round of golf went. So with apologies in advance, the other reason THE WEEK didn’t happen on time was that…


THE WEEK: On N.O., Joe Goes, Doe’s Show, Media Foes and Two News Items that Blow

THE WEEK — It was a challenging return from my New Orleans experience, especially fighting a summer virus, but all’s well as the weekend comes into view. And of course there’s a lot to talk about here at THE WEEK, including some news you probably haven’t seen elsewhere. Journalism – The Gift That Keeps on Giving Good People to PR: It’s election time, and arguably the two best TV political reporters in town are. . . leaving their jobs. WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold is going to be the new VP of Strategic Communications at the Kentucky Association of Electrical Cooperatives, without…

Highlighting a Pre-Pre Derby Week at Churchill, Library, Freedom Hall and a Racquetball Lesson

With a couple of days left still until the frenzy of Derby Week, I warmed up with an active schedule of interesting activities available only in Louisville, Kentucky. First, you can listen to my conversation with Darren Rogers, the big man on campus (at least as far as 2,000 media members are concerned) at the new and improved Churchill Downs. Here’s a link to our show, which also includes Kentucky Derby Festival board member Jill Bell. Listen to the Rusty Satellite Show here. The biggest improvement is the massive new scoreboard you’ve probably heard about on the backside. Of course,…

Listen to Rusty – Don’t Buy Gift Cards, the Kingdom is Coming, and Singing in West Louisville

Listen in this week as Rusty Satellite is on the road meeting two more of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville — first stop is Ed Hart’s office in the Highlands, where we learn all about the new and improved Kentucky Kingdom that opens for business in the spring. Hart talks about the enormous economic impact the opening of the Park will have on the city, and goes over some of the hurdles it took to get here. There are a bunch of new rides, and the amusement park will be hosting a job fair in January. Later I met WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold at 38th and Market, where he was doing a story on a new economic development initiative there. Joe’s the only beat reporter on politics working for a TV station in this market. I also got him to sing a line or two, so you’ll want to hear that. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Holiday Shopping, I offer up for your consideration my annual gift card rant, in which I encourage you to just go to the store and get me something I can open on Christmas Day.

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Tragedies, WAVE and a Rumor

Tragedies just continue to boggle the mind and dominate the news. You can’t help but feel sorry for the unfortunate people who find themselves in front of news cameras for the first time in their lives after a loved one has died. Case in point – Teresa Gilley, the great aunt of the little girl who was allowed to wander into the Ohio River and drown. She wanted someone, like the mother’s boyfriend who was there when it happened, to face charges.  And for some reason she compared the case to Caylee Anthony’s when expressing rage on camera. WHAS-TV’s Joe…