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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Despite All That, a Super Week

We’re only a few weeks into this Trump thing, and our focus seems to be jumping from one scary concept to another. My vote for the most troubling thing Trump said in the last week is his determination to “destroy” the Johnson Amendment. It may not sound like much, but it would allow churches across the country to become politicized and, I think, to become a focal point for campaigning. Trump wants to allow religious leaders, whose businesses are tax-exempt, to openly campaign for causes and candidates. Here at home, there were protests galore downtown in reaction to Trump’s immigration executive order,…

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Legislature 2011-No Compromise No Satisfaction

 After hinting that the Kentucky House and Senate were doing SO well early in the 2011 session that they might adjourn early saving taxpayers a lot of dough, Senate President David Williams now says a special session is needed. Hmmm, sounds like he changed his tune when he lost control of the debate. Williams made that bold, and ultimately outlandish statement during the early days of the session when his full agenda zoomed through the GOP controlled Senate. He was making the assumption that he could bully the House, and by extension Governor Steve Beshear, into caving in and rubber-stamping his…