haymarket whiskey bar

Bourbon + Bluegrass + History = Hit Show

There just may not be enough bourbon-themed tourist attractions in this town, so it was time for someone to create an entertaining Bluegrass music/Bourbon history show.

So says comedian Bernie Lubbers, the self-proclaimed Whiskey Professor, who along with mandolin-picker Hickory Vaught has created a 75-minute show touted as “an all-sensory historical live musical performance piece.”

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Tonight w/ “Discount Guns”: Boot wearin’, hip shakin’, whiskey drinkin’ rock and roll

Who remembers the rockin nights at Tewligan’s back in the day? Has anyone noticed lately that we have a serious lack of out and out,  throw down , rock bars and the bands to fill them? Like the Toy Tiger ( hairbands and all), Tewligan’s, that place somewhere downtown that hosted Southern Culture on the Skids, Butchertown Pub and the old list goes on… Well, I do, but we may have a solution to that tonight. The Haymarket Whiskey Bar is having a soft opening (see Chris Ritter’s post about it here) and the guests should expect a rockin good…