Hal Heiner

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Life Is Grand (Again) for Hal Heiner

Congratulations are in order for Hal and Sheila Heiner as their third grandchild, Samuel Louis Keyes, arrived March 20, 2011. Weighing in at 7lb, 6oz and  20 inches long, Samuel was born under this year’s “Super Moon” at 3:24 a.m.–pretty much bringing the season of Spring with him– if not one of the most anticipated lunar tides in years. Big brothers Daniel (turning four in May) and Noah (celebrating his second birthday on April 16), are thrilled with the new addition to the family. Even though the new bundle who’s got friends and family humming the “My Three Sons” theme…

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The “Crap, We Lost to Morehead” Edition

Oh, NO! Not Morehead. Add Morehead State’s Demonte Harper to the U.S. Reed Cardinal opponent Hall of Fame. His 3 with 4 seconds left stunned Card Nation yesterday afternoon, ruining a perfectly good St. Patty’s Celebration at Ri Ra on Fourth Street, where I was, and countless other game-watching locales. While this team was fun to watch and had the potential to win it all, we all knew it had the potential to throw in a clunker against anyone.  Even Morehead. Now What?: Don’t know about you, but my tourney team is the BYU Cougars and Jimmer Fredette.  And I…

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Got Two Cents on the Iron Quarter? Hal Heiner Constructs Some Thoughts

Hal Heiner served for seven years as Metro Councilman for District 19 and ran an impressively close race as the Republican candidate for Mayor in 2010. His charisma brought a light to the classically nebulous podium wherever he spoke. A hands-on community member, a civil engineer, a farmer, father and grandfather, Hal remains dedicated to Louisville. He has returned to his company, Capstone Realty which provides space for business as well as forging a new path in education. His new direction? “My current focus is learning about public education hoping to advocate for significant reform. JCPS is leaving a high percentage…