We’re #24!! Louisville KY Makes EPA’s Good List

Louisville Ranks 24th in EPA List of Top Cities with ENERGY STAR Certified Buildings Mayor Greg Fischer announced today that Louisville was recognized for its sustainability efforts, being ranked 24th in the 2015 Top Cities list with the most ENERGY STAR certified buildings.  This is the second year in a row Louisville has made the EPA’s Top Cities list, being ranked 25th in 2014. “Having Louisville ranked as an EPA Top City for two years in a row confirms that we are fully committed to working with our local business leaders to lower energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint,…

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‘OCCUPY BIKE SEATS’ Could Give Movement Needed Traction

The world looks on and wonders aloud, “Where is the Occupy movement headed?” It might help first to know what the heck the Occupy movement is – beyond the collective frustration of 99 percent of the population feeling ripped off by the ruling one percent. Here’s an answer that could give Occupy some momentum.

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Before You Gobble? Get Delicious Fiber This Friday

You know it’s coming – the starch, carbs and sweets that render us thankful and often comatose every November.  If you like to paddle through Thanksgiving in a gravy boat, you know what I”m talking about. One delectable way to prepare for the big meal will help you gain some ground in the battle of the bulge as well a comfort and health. Gird for the bird with extra roughage this week, starting with a crisp, locally grown salad, with or without trimmings. Enjoy a few suggestions for green goodness at of our locally owned, operated restaurants. ‘Tis the seasonal salad…

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Day 789 of My Car-free experiment

These past two years have galvanized my belief that we don’t have an energy shortage in this country. We have a fatigue surplus! And because fatigue mimics tiredness, most of our people are resistant to walking and cycling. If we already feel tired, we’re not going to be convinced that riding a bike for short trips is a good idea. But just try it for 30 days and you’re very likely to get hooked. You arrive at your destination energized – not drained.

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It’s Time for YERT

The whole idea is hard to imagine. Beginning on the Fourth of July in 2007, three friends took a Ford Escape Hybrid on a round-the-U.S. journey, traveling 43,000 miles and coming home with 600 hours of footage, spending nights in places like caves, VW Buses and mud huts, but very few hotel rooms. Their goal — to create a documentary film that explains that state of sustainability — the good, the bad and the weird — all the while living an experiment in which they were taking the sustainability idea to an extreme. The trio — Ben Evans, his wife…

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No Simple Solution to Louisville’s Fitness Failure? I Disagree.

I believe Louisville, Kentucky can rapidly become a more prosperous, active and healthy place to live, work and play. A few policy changes and buy-in from public and private leadership can transform our city and surrounding counties. It starts with rolling out the red carpet for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users, instead of throwing up roadblocks. Without spending a dime on infrastructure, we can get healthier and wealthier. In six months we can make a measurable difference. It takes action at the top, incentives, education, leadership, belief, positivity, connectedness, and the conviction that you can woo people away from the intoxication of gasoline fumes.

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Bike, Walk or TARC to Louisville’s Car-Free Happy Hour

Rain or shine, one night each month Louisville’s active transportation advocates get together for food and beverages wherever they can find enough bicycle parking. You should come, even if you need to drive. You’ll meet people from all walks of life. No pun intended. The thing we have in common is some measure of independence from automobiles. Come see. Thursday, April 14 at 5:30 p.m. Can you believe I posted this bit of shameless promotion from my phone! This is crazy for a guy who started out as a printer setting lead type by hand. By the way, folks, here’s…

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With Free Valet Bike Parking You Steal the Thunder with ease

Thunder Over Louisville is this Saturday, and Bike Louisville in partnership with Bicycling for Louisville is again offering free valet bicycle parking to get you in and out of Thunder Over Louisville the smart way. Bike valet parking is the Free Way that keeps you from getting stuck on the freeway. Nothing could be more convenient. You can roll up right behind Slugger Field. Last year almost 800 people took advantage of it! If you’re going, this year you should be one of them. It’ll save you from the gridlock and frustrations of getting in and out of the crowd….