Greater Louisville Project

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Big Ideas Becoming a Big Deal

A couple weeks ago I got to sit down with the Mayor and talk about big ideas for our city.  Rick Redding wrote about the Create Louisville: Your Big Idea competition, but let me assure you that 8664 was not the whole story.  I might be a little biased because my idea was also in the Top 5 of the competition (Check out the Creativity Fund), but the really cool part of this project was all the interest it generated. I think our city really is starting to recognize that people are crying out for good ideas.  We want people…

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The Big Idea the Mayor Didn’t Like

Maybe you heard about the big project to encourage new ideas in the city. The Greater Louisville Project and Louisville Public Media promoted a contest in which locals were to generate ideas they thought would be good for the city. The idea was that some new and innovative ideas would be brought forth, and the author of the winning idea would get an audience with the Mayor. Except a funny thing happened. 26 percent of the 2,374 votes cast went to a huge idea that every public official has pooh-poohed on a regular basis. So they changed the rules a…