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Reagan Gets Gig in St. Louis

How do you spell relief down at GLI?  s t L o u i s. Not to kick the guy on the way out, but it was pretty clear from this morning’s post that Joe Reagan was on the way out at GLI. And I’d gotten a tip since then that his actual compensation may be much higher that the $370K that’s his listed salary. I’m betting the replacement hired by GLI won’t command that kind of salary. Anyway, Reagan leaves with a happy quote from the Mayor, and as reported by WFPL, some parting words of his own. He’s…

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Flash Mob News: Joe Reagan Dances

The good folks at GLI were a little worried yesterday when I posted news that a flash mob was being organized for a big Louisville event. They wanted to keep things secret, and my post could have tipped off some folks that the big event was the GLI annual meeting at the KFC Yum! Center.  But by the looks of people in the crowd in this video, I think there was plenty of shock value. Emily Carroll, who organized the whole thing, told me yesterday that about 175 people were involved, but did not tip me off that GLI boss…