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Google Saying Goodbye to LouisvilleKY

Reprinted from Google Fiber’s official blog post: Thursday, February 07, 2019 – Over the years, we’ve said a lot of hellos. (Or, more accurately, “Hey there’s.”) Our first was in 2012, with a big hello to Kansas City. Then, in 2014, Austin and Provo. After that came Charlotte, Atlanta, Orange County, Salt Lake City, Raleigh-Durham, Nashville. Most recently, in 2017, it was hello to Huntsville, Louisville and San Antonio. Today, we’re saying goodbye to one of our Fiber cities. And it ain’t easy. After a lot of analysis, we’ve made the tough decision to leave Louisville, Kentucky. As we told our customers…

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Google Shows Louisville Some Love

Really big news for Louisville’s reputation as a top tech city! Louisville will begin working with Google Fiber to explore building a new superfast broadband network in the city, Mayor Greg Fischer announced. Improving broadband speeds and choice for Louisville residents has been a priority since Fischer became Mayor in 2011 because fast Internet service is as critical for economic growth and innovation as roads, bridges, water and other infrastructure investments. Today’s average American broadband speed is 11.9 Megabits per second. In contrast, Google Fiber could bring Louisville residents access to gigabit Internet up to 1,000 Megabits per second—or up to…

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HelloMetro Says Google Changes Led to Switch in Strategy

For 18 months, Clark Scott has been feeding the beast with fresh, original copy. The beast being the world of content on the Internet. In theory, sites like the family of HelloMetro community sites, which publish fresh and original content, rise in the search result rankings in Google. When they do, internet traffic increases and the sites can charge more for advertising But Scott, the CEO of HelloMetro, says that Google has changed its algorithms (the way it ranks sites) recently in a way that penalizes sites like and dozens of similar ones throughout the world. It’s been quite…