LouisvilleKY’s GLIDE 2018 Is Heading to Denver

(Louisville, KY) –The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado will be the destination for the 2018 Greater Louisville Idea Development Expedition, GLIDE, presented by Stoll Keenon Ogden, PLLC.  On September 16th through 18th, GLI will fly more than 120 of Greater Louisville’s top business and civic leaders to Denver to explore their remarkable regional economic growth across all sectors. “Our chamber is focusing on initiatives that lead to regional business and talent attraction. Visiting Denver will allow us to learn from one of the best economic development corporations in the country,” Kent Oyler, GLI’s President & CEO, said. “GLIDE Denver is…


Louisville Ky’s chamber picks Austin to study its growth

GLI Selects Austin, Texas for GLIDE 2016 (Louisville, KY) – Greater Louisville Inc., the Metro Chamber of Commerce, will be heading to Austin, TX for its GLIDE 2016 trip on September 11-13th. The trip will be a check-up on what Austin has done in the realms of public policy, higher education, entrepreneurship, and talent attraction to rapidly increase their city’s size and regional economy. “It’s been 16 years since GLI visited Austin and in that time their population has grown by 57 percent,” GLI President & CEO Kent Oyler said. “That doesn’t just happen by accident. We will be using this…


Greater Louisville Inc., heads west to study new ways to bring business to Louisville

Louisville, KY – Greater Louisville Inc. – the Metro Chamber of Commerce released agenda items for the upcoming Greater Louisville Idea Development Expedition (GLIDE). The 2015 GLIDE study mission heads to Portland, Ore. The three day trip kicks off on Sunday, October 18, 2015 where attendees will study Portland’s talent attraction and bi state, regional economic development strategies.   “We keep showing up alongside Portland on top-10 lists and have even been referred to as ‘the next Portland’. There is much for us to learn about quality of place and bi-state economic development from visiting this thriving city,” said GLI…