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Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

I don’t believe in ghosts. So when I heard about the SyFy Channel’s journey to Frankfort to seek out paranormal activity at the Buffalo Trace Distillery,  it seemed intriguing. Luke and I went over there last night. The agenda was to watch the debut of the Ghost Hunters episode at 9, followed by a tour of the supposedly haunted warehouse and mansion. The staff, including P.R. maven Amy Preske, who was featured in the episode, had plenty of creepy stories about the Stony Point Mansion. Col. Albert Blanton died in an upstairs room here in 1959. Presko, who has an…

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Nothing Certain but Taxes and Death

  Friday night. April 15th. For most, or at least since the dawn of my generation, April fifteenth is tax day. Back in ye olde days it was just a given – no one really knew why or bothered to look it up. Why is this important? Because I’m a member of a Meetup group that organized an event seemingly far scarier than taxes – a trip to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. For those of you who have never heard of Meetup it’s like the days when people used to create clubs for those interested in reading, writing, watching movies, doing…