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LouisvilleKY faces ‘devastating’ cuts in services

Mayor: Without new revenue, city faces “devastating” cuts in services because of Frankfort-mandated pension obligation Cuts would include every agency of Metro government, including police officers, fire stations, libraries and community services Louisville, KY., – Mayor Greg Fischer outlined specific and “devastating” potential cuts to city services and staff that would, without new revenue, be necessary to cover an expected $65 million budget gap over the next four years, caused by a state-mandated pension increase that grows every year through FY23. The potential cuts range from staffing reductions in nearly every Louisville Metro Government (LMG) department, including police, fire and…

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Sarcasm Not Working Well for Denton in Frankfort

Julie Denton, Republican senator from Eastern Jefferson County, is increasingly at odds with her GOP Senate leadership. Late last year, she announced she would run against David Williams for Senate president but relented for lack of support. Last week, she publicized details of a Senate Republican Caucus meeting and called the lightning speed at which a bill was rocketing through the legislative process “a travesty of justice.” Senate Bill 110, which vastly expands the practice of optometry, has been front-page news because of its unprecedented momentum.  Mighty money and powerful sponsors — including Senate Republican leader Robert Stivers, are propelling it at a record pace. Increasingly, Denton’s fellow…

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Jumping on the Louisville-Frankfort Train Idea

If you bring up the future of transportation around here, most people focus on the silly Ohio River Bridges project. Wanna-be visionaries will tell you that light rail is a must-do for the city. But no one in recent times has talked about train travel within the state. Until now. A story in the Frankfort paper details plans for a $75 million project that would make it possible to ride a train from here to Frankfort and Lexington for $6 or less.  Ralph Tharp is Frankfort’s “industrial recruiter” and believes the project, using existing rail lines, could be completed by…