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American Idol to hold auditions for LouisvilleKy singers

KENTUCKIANA IDOL COMES TO FOURTH STREET LIVE! HOLDING ONE SILVER TICKET WHAS11 and Fourth Street Live! are teaming up to find the best singers in Kentuckiana in hopes of getting them to the American Idol stage   Louisville, KY (July 28, 2017) – To the dreamers wishing to grace the American Idol stage, they now have the chance to make it a reality.   It all starts on August 5, 2017 at Fourth Street Live!. WHAS11 and Fourth Street Live! will hold auditions to select the top five Kentuckiana singers. A panel of judges will select four contestants who sing to impress and award…

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Tonight was anything BUT a good night for the Fox network.

How do you screw up an internationally televised concert? Ask Fox or the producers of this year’s Super Bowl! Maybe it was just my TV or my house, but did anyone else hear the atrocious audio mix called the half time show on Fox tonight? Someone owes the BlackEyedPeas and their fans an apology! Sure it’s no easy task coordinating a concert in the middle of the Super Bowl, but you would think someone would have rehearsed, set levels and set memory points on the mixers. Maybe I’m just making something out of nothing but “Tonight’s going to be a…