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B is for Burglar

Did you hear that Larry Bisig, resident of Bonnycastle, is starting an email and text messaging service in an effort to ‘disseminate information about public safety in the area?’ He says that it is prompted by  a recent increase in burglaries in this Louisville area and that he needs other residents to join him to be successful. He’s also distributing stickers that have the letter “B” on them — for ‘Bonnycastle’ (or Bisig!) but really anyone in the Highlands area is welcome to have them, he said. The idea is that  residents and vendors put them on their cars….and here is…

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Non-Profits for Profits

You don’t have to grow a small business alone in Louisville, KY–in my opinion it would be foolish to think that you can do everything alone, especially when you don’t have to.  Last Fall I discovered two hidden gems in Opportunity City both of which are extraordinarily special in regards to what they do for our community and what they can do for you.  These two facilities that I speak of are Custom Quality Services and Harbor House. Custom Quality Services is a 180,000 sq. ft. behemoth facility located in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, KY.  You’ll need a golf…