dawn at the downs

Photo by Bill Brymer

Mornings at Churchill with the Contenders and Wagner’s

The magic of Derby Week is best exemplified in the pre-dawn mist any morning on the backside at Churchill Downs. Walk in from Longfield, and you see the effort it takes to stage the sport’s premier event. The beautiful beasts you encounter in the few hundred yards walking are bigger than you’d expect. They’re lively, too, heads bobbing through their stables, neighs heard from near and far away. You see exercise riders atop their steeds, guiding the stars of the show back and forth to the racing surface. Grooms pace around barns leading thoroughbreds by their bridles. You see the famous names on…

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Fancy Pants bike Ride

Dress up for Bike Ride to Dawn at the Downs – Thursday, May 5, 2011 If an early morning at the track and even earlier morning on your bike sounds like fun to you then Bike to Dawn at the Downs tomorrow morning, Thursday May 5, is just for you! Join the early-rising sprocket jockeys in their best Derby attire for a ride from Central Park in Old Louisville to Churchill Downs. We’re not talking about spandex here. And this is no race. It’s for the Derby dame or dandy who likes the idea of riding in high style. Meet…