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LouisvilleKY Welcomes New Male Rhinoceros

 Louisville, KY., – Meet Letterman — a new 3-year-old male southern white rhinoceros comes to the Louisville Zoo from The Wilds in southeast Ohio. The rhino was named by Jack Hanna after the late night television host and comedian David Letterman. Letterman was born on November 12, 2014 at The Wilds. Letterman has completed his standard 30-day quarantine and will soon join 34-year-old female Sindi in the exhibit. As with any new animal introductions, the rhinos will be monitored. Introductions of unfamiliar rhinos can often result in sparring from both males and females, which is normal behavior. These normal interactions and…

Finally, Some Comedy in the Kevin Ware Saga

They’ve got some great writers at the Letterman show. You may have heard enough of the heart-wrenching Kevin Ware story, but this bit on Letterman is hilarious. Ware shows he’s got some comedy chops. The bit was written as the Top 10 thoughts going through Kevin Ware’s mind as he was writing in pain: