Dan Seum

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Seum Says — Maybe I’ll Run for Congress

State Senate Majority Caucus Chair Dan Seum says he’s considering taking a shot at John Yarmuth in 2012, despite the difficulty of running as a Republican in Jefferson County. He said that “a lot of people want me to try it,” including party leaders and Tea Party members. Yarmuth has held the 3rd Congressional District seat since 2007. “I can probably get more accomplished here,” he said of his leadership responsibilities in the state Senate. “But we’ve paid our dues and there’s no question of our integrity recently after 27 years.” Sem said he probably won’t make a decision on…

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And No Drinking til 6

I don’t really like this new weather guy at Fox41. Ever since Jude Redfield’s been on the air, the weather has sucked.  Some Paul Emmick fans started a Facebook group “Keep Paul Emmick on Fox 41 News.” But only 40 people joined. Bueno Bocaditos : The popular Seviche restaurant on Bardstown Road in the Highlands will close Sunday, but that’s a good thing for fans of Chef Anthony Lamas’ Latino cuisine.  For four weeks, workers will be busy expanding into the old ear-x-tacy space next door, creating an additional 30 seats, a new lounge and bar, and there are 40…

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Parents Want it Both Ways

So we waited all this time for the so-called experts (definition: somebody from out of town) to tell us what we already knew about parents’ attitudes toward the JCPS’ student-assignment plan — parents want diversity, as long as it doesn’t affect what school their kid attends. They want the freedom to choose neighborhood schools and they sure as hell don’t want their kids spending an hour or more each way on a bus. TV stations have been doing meaningless polls that show the same overwhelming sentiment. Now that the expert from California, Gary Orfield, has spent 2 months doing a…