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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Cards by 7 TDs?, an Iraqi-born artist, Rabbit Hole Bourbon and a Great Burger

As of Friday morning, the #7 Louisville Cardinal football team is favored by 34.5 points in its ACC football game against Duke. As hard as that is to believe, I think this time Bobby Petrino won’t take his foot off the gas until his team is up by the 7 touchdown margin, because at this point in the season image does matter. And the Cards’ image will certainly be enhanced with a 56-10 win. I’ll see you in the Flight Deck. If it weren’t for it coinciding with the game at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, I would be riding down…


Happy New Year from the Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville

Did you have a favorite Rusty Satellite Show guest in 2015? You had more than 100 to choose from: NikeDennieLennyJasonEmilyStephenRachelMimiHollyKatieStuCraigBenAngieJasonWillSeanJoeLaurieTeddyJeffSeanElvisTonyTonyTomWinstonLouisJoeJeffMarkKevinTerryPatTravisJackBenjaminAndreSamAmyJeffAlliTomJenniferKennyChrisRobinPaulaCrhisAlexBrianBenSarahChristopherRogerAmandaSamJollyJohnCarolineGaryDanDaveStacyDavidJeffMattSandraJohnLindaBruceChrisRickMoJenniferJoeJasonJohnNanTomMikeDennieToddHannahCalebKileyLauraMaryEllenJoshAliJohnBritanyRitaLisaTonyMartiJessicaTaraSkipDannyStaceyKevinKarenMeredithTomPaulCathiTedGeorgeLizMattBobDianePhilErika Spend some of the New Year’s Holiday with these movers and shakers in my hometown: Join Cyndy Tandy and me as we go through the whole list of Interesting People form 2015, Download the link above or go to  


LouisvilleKY’s The WEEK Celebrates Christmas and Candy and Cards and Cats

Dear Santa — please send me those Springsteen tickets and wins for the Cards in Lexington tomorrow and in Nashville against Texas A&M in the Music City Bowl. 2015’s Winners. It’s been a great year for me, and for a lot of Rusty Satellite Show guests, who I’ll be mentioning in bold from here on. First off, this is the first Christmas I won’t be seeing my son Nick Redding, who is pursuing his passion in theatre school in Italy. Today he told me he’d gotten great grades in subjects that include “aesthetics” “Italian” and “Movement.” He said he…


There’s a New Podcast in LouisvilleKY – It’s Uncovered

LouisvilleKY’s Newest Podcast Uncovered with Cyndy Tandy You may remember that Cyndy Tandy was one of my guests on the first Rusty Satellite Show. That was some 124 weeks ago. Cyndy has her own media empire — a series of local TV vignettes that have aired on WAVE-TV, entitled Louisville Uncovered. And she’s got a far-reaching social media network on Twitter and Facebook. So I have no doubt that her new podcast on the network will be a huge success. Here’s how Cyndy describes the new show: Listen and get the scoop from behind the scenes, as we scan the River…

Louisville Uncovered presents: US Marine Hospital

The United States Marine Hospital: Portland, Kentucky The Ohio River has been the lifeblood of Louisville since the beginning of the River City. Back then river traffic had the nighty Ohio looking more like Spaghetti Junction than a lazy river. It was a pleasure to get an insiders look at the hospital as it stands today on Louisville Uncovered!  In 1837, Congress authorized the construction of the U.S. Marine Hospital in Louisville “for the benefit of sick seamen, boatmen, and other navigators on the western rivers and lakes.” (Ohio and Mississippi rivers and Great Lakes.) At this time, steamboats dominated…

downtown bridge

With Happy Bridge News, a Little Bridge History with Cyndy Tandy

On Oct. 12, Mayor Greg Fischer and Governor Steve Beshear announced some very happy and welcome news — the new downtown bridge will be open earlier than expected. Traffic, Gov. Beshear said, could be going across the new bridge by Dec. 25, so Merry Christmas to all. Here’s a little bridge history, courtesy of Cyndy Tandy and Louisville Uncovered.        

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 5.38.25 PM

Uncovered: Louisville’s Planned Botanical Garden

Cyndy Tandy’s Louisville Uncovered answers some of your questions about Botanica, the planned garden down on River Road at Frankfort Avenue. Check it out: There are so many ways to connect with nature in Louisville, from our forests to Waterfront Park. And soon, there could be another way to do it that will be unmatched by any other natural attraction in the area. Plans call for a 22-acre botanical garden to be built at the intersection of River Road and Frankfort Avenue. Ironically, it used to be a city dump. That was created to handle the debris left behind from…

It’s a Dress of Roses on Louisville Uncovered

Cyndy Tandy has uncovered another local gem, just in time for Derby. This is the “uncovered’ story of the “Rose Dress” created by Amy Streeter, owner of Susan’s Florist! Louisville model Shannon Burton will wear the dress for Derby. Decorated with some 600 red “Freedom” variety red roses, the dress walks the red carpets at the best Derby galas, and you will see it on the Red Carpet again on Derby Day at Churchill Downs.  Hand created, it truly is a Louisville original, and embodies the spirit of Derby! 

Gambling in Louisville KY: Civil War & in the mid 1860’s

From Cyndy Tandy, the latest from Louisville Uncovered By 1830 Louisville had become Kentucky’s largest city, workers such as early hands, haulers, and shippers, and its early hotels, taverns, and gambling dens were quickly joined by traders, merchants, warehouses, and markets to run the region’s agricultural and textile bounty—tobacco, hemp, pork, and corn, and jeans. Money men came and invested in the city’s boom, as well as insurers to guarantee it. Keelboats and wagons,  steamboats, engines, and later the railroads, even at one time wooden cargo air craft were all  built in Louisville to all the city’s payloads. Louisville seized…

Roscoe Goose’s Longshot and Legendary Career in Louisville KY

Do you know the significance of the name Roscoe Goose? He was a legendary Louisville native who rode Donerail to victory in the 1913 Kentucky Derby. That win set a record that still stands — the longest shot ever to win the Derby. Donerail paid an astonishing $184.90 on a $2 bet. Goose went on to become a legendary trainer and owner, and was inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame. Goose parlayed his success as a jockey and horseman to become a millionaire. He was born and raised in Jeffersontown, where a prominent marker near the town square…