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Bring it on Prince William

Embarrassing Groom confession number 3 – last night I watched a show about the Royal Wedding.  Brigid has been threatening to get “really into” the Royal Wedding for a while now, and last night we took the plunge together (rather appropriate maybe?). It was interesting.  I’ve always felt a kinship with the future King.  We’re both named William and we’re about the same age.  It sort of seemed like we grew up together.  While he was at the fancy boarding school where he had to wear a tuxedo everyday, I went through my “alternative” phase wearing argyle socks with shorts. …

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Confessions of a Groom-to-Be

I figure the best way to get to know you folks is to just start by revealing entirely too much about myself.  I love weddings. I always have.  I remember my oldest sister getting married like it was yesterday. I wore tails, bore the ring, and then ran around like crazy at the reception. So when it comes to my very own wedding, I’ve always known it was going to be awesome. The hardest part of course is finding the right bride-to-be…well, I got extremely lucky there. So now it’s all about the other details — location, food, band, bar,…