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Clifton Gets a Slice of Life and a Sweet Scoop – Comfy Cow and Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen

  I’m talking to Homemade Pie Kitchen owner Adam Burckle He is smiling and gesturing but I lost him at “..,going to be incredible!” His voice cannot compete with the drill and hammers on the roof above. His excitement can. Standing with one shoe on hardwood floor and another on raw concrete base,  Adam is surrounded by sawdust, dangling cords and buckets of paint. Yet…. If they bake it we will come. Right? Opening is planned by Friday this week. Me? I’ll wait patiently for a slab of their famous Dutch Apple w/Caramel. By a fireplace and with a shot…

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Picking Louisville with Jerry Lotz

For a few years, my office was located in the upstairs of a camelback shotgun house on Frankfort Avenue. I’d tell people that I worked in the hump. Free office space for start up non-profits is always a plus.  I coexisted nicely with the artist, Madison Latimer, and her studio downstairs. But the real gravy was that next door was a cornerstone of the Clifton neighborhood and unofficial tourist attraction featured just this week on American Pickers on the History Channel. Jerry Lotz is a creative genius. Part collector, part artist.  In this picture, the lady liberty in the background has a…