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Fischer’s Choice for MSD Chief — James “Tony” Parrott

  LOUISVILLE  – Citing his leadership and vision as the director of the water and sewer agencies of Greater Cincinnati, which includes the implementation of a complex $3 billion federal program to reduce sewage overflows, Mayor Greg Fischer today named James A. “Tony” Parrott as the new executive director of Louisville’s Metropolitan Sewer District. Parrott has spent 30 years in the public utility business, starting as a frontline worker at the Department of Environmental Services in Butler County, Ohio and working his way through the ranks, eventually landing the top job first in Butler County and then in Cincinnati, where he…

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In Defense of Fast Trains

As a citizen of the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth, I can’t even get snail rail service from Louisville to Cincinnati, Indianapolis or Nashville! Yet just about everyone I know gets absolutely giddy whenever the prospect of rail travel gets the least bit of discussion. It’s a fact that Main street America has been yearning for fast rail for decades. That we don’t take it seriously is a national disgrace.

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Adjusting to a City Without Strippers

U of L’s Wednesday game got top billing on ESPN last night, and the Cards showed future opponents how to beat them — denying the three and playing intense, hand-in-your-face defense.  Check out Gabe’s piece.  Not mentioned during the game broadcast: Karen Sypher, who seems, maybe, to have run out of rope and will be sentenced tomorrow.  Experts say she goes to the pokey for 5 years, minimum. Unhappy in Overalls: Fox41 found some farmers willing to go on camera to complain about Louisville’s new no-nudity ordinance.  300,000 people here for the Farm Machinery Show. Quote from a guy in…