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TGIF Local Lunch Post – It’s Starting to Taste a Lot Like Christmas!

It’s a good time to place orders or pick up those boxes of holiday sweets, so why not create a productive path through Louisville’s chocolate map?   Today is all about combining those sweet spots with great places to dine.  Enjoy a delicious lunch then shop for the sugar, all in the same block. Here are a few suggestions. Do stop by their websites or Facebook pages for details on menus, ordering and photos. I can’t promise that a little bell will tinkle when you visit on the internet but  maybe they’ll have one at their establishment. For as much…

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Chocolate Bunnies Feelin’ the Pinch? Easter Price Gouging a Threat!

Greetings, Pagans! For those of us who have worshiped at daybreak on the front porch of our homes by digging into an Easter basket and passing out with a sticky, brown grins by sunset– this economic news might just send you off to pray. Hershey said this week it’s going to raise prices by 9.7%, a move that many people expect competitors to follow. The entire industry is facing huge price increases for raw ingredients — the cost of sugar has more than doubled in the past year — and can no longer absorb the higher expenses. — So says…