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Cardinals Roll To Second Straight Big East Title Game

In the final Big East Championship before the conference will transform beyond recognition, two Conference USA transplants will battle in the final. The Cardinals secured their place in their third championship game in four years with a 64-50 victory over the 23rd ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The win brings them to Saturday’s final against the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Cards lost to the Bearcats early this year by four points. Louisville continued to show its reinvigorated spirit with a passionate performance Friday night. The Cards continued to wow the fans with another huge in the first half, springing a 21-2 stretch in…

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Pitino Remains Skeptical on NBA in Louisville

Coach Rick Pitino has come out in the past against a pro basketball team moving to Louisville, and today was more of the same. In his daily press conference, Pitino began a discussion regarding the NBA by asking the press about the latest news on the issue. At first the reporters took it as a joke, but Pitino persisted and received the low down from one writer. Pitino then outlined a couple of obstacles the NBA would face in Louisville, including scheduling conflicts with both the Men’s and Women’s Cardinal basketball teams, Freedom Hall not being an appropriate venue, and most interestingly…

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Get in Touch with The Greatest

It’s a Holiday, and a good one. Rather than just enjoy the day off (if you work for the government), it’s a good day to visit the Muhammad Ali Center downtown. If you haven’t been, you’re missing one of the city’s best attractions. To celebrate the holiday, and the 69th birthday of “The Greatest”, there are special admission discounts. Take an old cell  phone down there and get in free. Otherwise it’s $2. The Center is presenting King’s “I Have a Dream” speech all day. Ark Farce: Experts lined up to scoff at attendance projections for the Ark Encounter amusement…