Brownsboro Road

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US 42 Road Diet for Dummies

A petition drive makes a variety of terrifying claims that the project will kill their businesses and bring chaos to Lower Brownsboro Road. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, projects like this one all over the world have resulted in the opposite results – a more lively business climate, smoother traffic flow and fewer traffic crashes.

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Doll’s Market Closing

UPDATED: Here’s the official word from John Doll, via Facebook: Doll’s Market announces it will be closing and going out of business in the very near future. A firm closing date has not been set. Doll’s Market and its predecessors have operated the grocery store at 3620 Brownsboro Rd. since 1960. The closing was most directly the result of a significant downturn in sales t…he last few weeks. Doll’s sales would typically suffer the 3 months before Derby and then rebound beginning Derby week. That did not happen this year. An unsuccessful $1.35 million expansion in 2001 resulted in only…