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TGIF Local Lunch Post – John Timmons Steps Up to the Plate and the Microphone

  After the end of an era ( and yes, I’ve got one more “e” in me…wait for it.), it  was a question on the lips of the music-lovin’ masses, what would ear X-tacy’s John Timmons would do next? No matter how the end credits ran, what rose above the ear X-tacy story was a fierce dedication to local, independent commerce – not to mention a passion for music as written, performed, and recorded by anyone from buskers in the Highlands to festivals on the Waterfront or the intimacy of a nightclub set to recording studios  nestled throughout the city….

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Start the Weekend with a Meal Like Mama Used to Make

As we move into the Mother’s Day weekend, we focus on the table of our youth. The tireless work of nourishing their children has provided us with memories our moms from a PBJ in the lunchbox to fried chicken and biscuits after church. This Friday’s lunch suggestions appeals to the comfort food lover in all of us – meals that were favorites when we lived at  home have become  menu items that we crave when feeling nostalgic, homesick or  even a smorgasbord for a good old-fashioned pity party. Perhaps I tend to focus on the Boomer generation and the precedent…