Better to Talk Bats and Bourbon

This week’s Rusty Satellite Show gave me a chance to visit the Derby Museum for a mid-afernoon bourbon tasting. Fred Minnick definitely knows his whiskey, and it got him a cool new job over there as “bourbon Authority.” The Derby Museum, attempting to capitalize on the popularity of bourbon, has created a special room for Fred’s bourbon education classes, which ought to be fun for all those tourists more curious about drinking than horses. My other guest is an old friend – Rick Redman. We’ve had a good time accepting compliments for each other for many years. He does PR…

Bourbon + Bluegrass + History = Hit Show

There just may not be enough bourbon-themed tourist attractions in this town, so it was time for someone to create an entertaining Bluegrass music/Bourbon history show.

So says comedian Bernie Lubbers, the self-proclaimed Whiskey Professor, who along with mandolin-picker Hickory Vaught has created a 75-minute show touted as “an all-sensory historical live musical performance piece.”

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Bourbon stirred with a Cigar and mixed with a Gun

This was too good to pass up without writing about. I received an invite for an evening of cigars, bourbon, beer, food, music, guns, and more. It’s this Saturday, June 30th from 6pm to 10pm join at TG&G for Smokin Barrels. Maybe it’s because I am not originally from Louisville but Bourbon and Guns aren’t the first combination that comes to mind. The invitation went further and invited me to come see Louisville’s favorite indoor gun range and training center, and tour their brand new 10,000 square foot Airsoft Arena. Experience and sample cigars from the hottest boutique cigar company on…

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Weekend in Edinburgh: Whisky, Wine, and Mead.

I love being a tourist, whether in my hometown, my adopted home, or actually on holiday. The past several days I spent running around Edinburgh entertaining houseguests, new friends, old friends, and myself. Here are some of the highlights, all of which included a taste of something alcoholic. If that’s not your thing, just look at the pretty pictures and move on. This week will be full of water and vegetables, but, for now, sin: The Edinburgh Christmas Market: The locals try to convince you that winter is unbearable in Scotland. I’m still convinced it’s nothing like an NYC or…

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Matching Maker’s and TV

Maker’s Mark is making a big splash in the TV and advertising industries by airing its first-ever TV commercials this week on the Discovery Channel. I Googled Maker’s Mark TV ad and found an exec from Fortune Brands (the parent company of the Loretto, Ky.) distiller doing an interview on Fox Business News, saying they’re advertising exclusively on Discovery in shows like Man vs. Wild to hit the Male 25-49 age group. So you won’t be seeing the ad on a local station. But maybe bourbon advertising is becoming OK, as we saw Early Times sponsoring a show on the…

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How to deal with wedding-related stress.

I’ve read multiple books on weddings over the past few months, and that’s not just to ensure I meet my 2011 GoodReads challenge, although it’s helping with that goal tremendously. There are thousands of books about weddings. We’ve thumbed through coffee-table books by famous wedding planners. We’ve read countless books about the planning process, each of which tells us how far behind we are. Mostly, however, I’ve been focusing on books about eco-friendly weddings and budget weddings. As you know, it’s not easy to combine the two, but if we had to describe our wedding in two words, those would…

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Bacon, Bourbon and Beer

Coming from the world of fundraising, not many events catch my eye. I’ve been on the rubber chicken circuit enough to know that many of these events: 1) are not necessarily big fundraisers despite the amount of money put into them (we’re talking net dollars, folks) 2) are not all much fun and 3) are the same people go to the same events and pose for the same society pictures. Often, if you really want to help a charity, just write a check without expecting to be wined and dined. That being said, events are a great way to learn…