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Jtown Attorney to Thieneman: “I’ll do my damned level best to break your neck”

Jeffersontown city attorney Schuyler Olt ignited a firestorm of controversy Jan. 23 when he started an online fight with Chris Thieneman over the treatment of police in the media. The post that started the brouhaha by Thieneman was simply a screen shot of a story by Joe Gerth in the Courier-Journal headlined, “Police must root out racist officers.” It concerned Prospect police officer Todd Shaw’s racist remarks that led to his firing. Olt, who claims on his Facebook page to be a minister at Carlisle Presbyterian Church, responded first with a comment claiming that Shaw’s behavior was “horrible” but adding…

Redding Airbnb

Despite Evidence, Misinformed Jeffersontown Committee Unmoved on Airbnb Issue

Planning and Zoning Committee takes no action to allow Short-Term Rentals On Tuesday, I attended the Planning and Zoning Meeting of the Jeffersontown City Council. The only agenda item was short-term rentals. It was lightly attended, but there were a handful of residents who came prepared to express their opposition to legalizing short-term rentals. This committee has the authority to make changes to the law, but it appears to me no member of the committee is interested in learning FACTS about the issue. Instead, they listened as Norm Meyer of Plainview rambled on about how wrong it was for WAVE-TV…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: 49 Trifecta, Jeffersontown’s Online Village, Uber’s Up

It’s April 1, you fool, and remember it’s just  about 36 days until the Kentucky Derby, and things are picking up around here, in a good way. Guess Who’s Turning 50 This Year: There must be something I should bet on here. This week’s Rusty Satellite Show features Donna Brothers, the NBC pony back reporter who is COO of Starlight Racing and one of the all-time winningest women jockeys. She’s speaking at Maryhurst’s Journey of Hope Luncheon May 18. And there’s the artist Jeaneen Barnhart, who loves to paint horses and naked people, who’s opening a new show downtown this…


Jeffersontown’s Bluegrass Commerce Park Designated As AT&T Fiber Ready

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — As part of AT&T’s* continuing efforts to drive economic development and investment in Kentucky, AT&T and representatives from the City of Jeffersontown and the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce announced that the Bluegrass Commerce Park in Jeffersontown, Kentucky has been designated AT&T Fiber Ready. The AT&T Fiber Ready designation helps economic development leaders more effectively position their communities for site selection by emphasizing the availability of high-speed, fiber-based services. In today’s world, connectivity is vital to new employers and businesses of every type. “Jeffersontown has long been attractive to investment and to business opportunities, and the infrastructure that AT&T…

Assembling goodies for the Jtown Chamber's Business Expo

Big Business Expo and Fine French Fare Featured in Jtown Podcast #3

Meet Meghan Murphy of the Chamber and Guy Genoud of Brasserie Provence On the show this week, the Chamber’s Meghan Murphy gives us the lowdown on the upturn for the Business Expo, set for Thursday at the Ramada Convention Center on Bluegrass Parkway.  More than 130 vendors are set to exhibit, plus there are silent auction prizes and 20 restaurants will be giving away food on the show floor from 3-5. Listen Here: The luncheon, at 11:30, will feature Craig Greenberg of 21C Hotels. Also on the show, Mayor Bill Dieruf answers my question about the departure of Police Chief…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Green Days – Driving with Andre, Jtown’s Podcast, River House, Stage One, Speed, Actors, St. Pat’s —

Of course the mysterious and elusive Andre McGee is an Uber driver in Kansas City. The big question is — How did the local and national media spend all this time wondering where the University of Louisville’s fall guy in its basketball sex scandal is and how to interview him, when all they had to do to question him was hail an Uber? Of all the characters in the sordid story, McGee seems to be the only one who has not had to answer to media. According to reports on the ESPN story coming out Sunday, McGee has been keeping a…

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Jefferson County’s cities express support for proposed waste management bill

JEFFERSONTOWN, KY – (MARCH 1, 2016) – Recently, Rep. Steve Riggs and Rep. Jerry Miller filed a bipartisan bill to clarify waste management responsibilities in Jefferson County, and to broaden participation on the Board of the Waste Management District. The Jefferson County League of Cities strongly supports this effort. Bill Dieruf, Mayor of Jeffersontown and President of JCLC, feels the bill will provide the means for the suburban cities to maintain their environmental leadership in waste management with both innovation and stability. “Suburban cities have been at the forefront of recycling for years. Today, Jeffersontown and many other cities regularly…


A New Podcast Debuts in Jeffersontown, Kentucky

Jtown Becomes First Louisville, KY Area Chamber to Produce its own Podcast It’s the 10th largest city in the Commonwealth, boasts more than 1,600 businesses and has one of the most active Chambers in the region. Now, the Jeffersontown Chamber has launched a new podcast to bring positive attention to the city, spotlighting its ripe business climate and many activities. “We are excited to have this new way to reach out to our membership and others thoughout the community to showcase all that J-town has to offer,” said John Cosby, president of the Jeffersontown Chamber. In the first episode, host Rick…

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Double Dose of Mayors in J-town

Mayor Greg Fischer joined Mayor Bill Dieruf at the Jeffersontown Farmers Market in what was billed as a cooking contest. Fischer was assigned the task of cutting up veggies, but spent much of his time passing out samples from the short ribs on the grill. Dieruf, meanwhile, was doing what he was told by Chef Nancy — something involving potatoes. John Gage kept several hundred people entertained on a beautiful morning in which the fresh produce was plentiful and politics were not.

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New Blood No Relief for Jeffersontown Taxpayers

When Greg Fischer took over as the new Mayor of Louisville, he required all employees who wanted to keep their jobs to  submit some ideas about their positions and how they might make them better.  Skeptics said it was Fischer’s way to get them to justify their jobs, and good government types thought it might actually result in trimming some of the fat in local government personnel. He ended up keeping just about everyone, but the exercise certainly made employees aware that they were lucky to have those jobs. Given the same opportunity to assess his 102-employee organization in Jeffersontown,…