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In Defense of Fast Trains

As a citizen of the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth, I can’t even get snail rail service from Louisville to Cincinnati, Indianapolis or Nashville! Yet just about everyone I know gets absolutely giddy whenever the prospect of rail travel gets the least bit of discussion. It’s a fact that Main street America has been yearning for fast rail for decades. That we don’t take it seriously is a national disgrace.

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Riding to the National Bike Summit

On Saturday morning I’m heading out on the back roads by bike for the first 130 miles of my journey to the National Bike Summit. At Union Station I’ll load my bike on the Amtrak Cardinal to D.C. Follow my trip here on “The Pulse of the City.” Also check my posts on facebook and twitter. On Thursday, I’ll be joining bicycling advocates from across the nation on Capitol Hill to remind our leaders in the House and Senate that there’s a simple solution to many of the problems that rob Americans of their health, wealth and strength. A…