Turkey Run Park

Discovery of the Day: Turkey Run Park

According to its web site, Turkey Run Park is scheduled to open in a few weeks. I can tell you from a first-hand look, a likely-illegal bike ride from Broad Run Road to Bardstown Road through the park, that it is pretty spectacular. Sure, the signs aren’t finished, but the big attraction was there before the roads were put in. I rode past a No Trespassing sign off Broad Run Road on a pristine stretch of asphalt. Designed for biking and hiking, I encountered a monstrous hill that I couldn’t summit without getting off the bike and walking. The reward was…

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Bike Policy at Fair is Absurd

Dear Kentucky State Fair Board, The next time you try telling the public that you’re progressive and modern, that something at the Fair is environmentally friendly or green, I’ll be reminding you about your bicycle policy that you had the nerve to publish: bicycles are not to be admitted to the grounds but should be chained to the side fences or left at the gate (but not where they might obstruct pedestrians or vehicular traffic). All bicycle owners are to be told that in no way will the Fairgrounds or the Gate personnel be responsible for their bicycles.” Not only…

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Survey Shows Benefits of Bike Lanes

Professor John Gilderbloom of the University of Louisville’s Urban and Public Affairs department recently completed a paper on the effect of bicycling on urban neighborhoods. He surveyed 2,000 U of L faculty, students and staff.  Here’s a piece he wrote for us about the survey: Louisville needs to find alternatives to single driver car commuting.  Biking is one of the most viable ways to go.  I argue in this paper that biking means better health, air and water quality, and improved economic development.  While much of the health and environmental aspects have been covered by others, we explore how community…