Barbara Shanklin

Muhammad Ali

LouisvilleKY government leaders react to passing of city’s favorite son

From   Louisville, KY., – “Our city, our Commonwealth, our nation and the world has lost “The Greatest”. Not only was Muhammad Ali a legend in the world of sports, and considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, he changed the world with what he did outside the ring. He was a champion for civil rights, religious freedom, and solving conflicts through peace and understanding. A man of humble beginnings right here in Louisville, who inspired young people to be the best they could be in whatever field they chose to pursue. To Lonnie and…

Rusty Rambles On: with David James and Terry Boyd

First, I wanted to see why David James voted not to remove ethically-challenged Barbara Shanklin from the Metro Council. He claims it’s because she wasn’t proven to have stolen any money. But I still wonder, given she did break ethics rules, what she would have to do get the boot. And apparently doing stupid stuff with good intentions is not one of them.

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Fat Men in Frankfort and Goofoffability

They’re ugly, too: Gov. Steve Beshear called members of the Senate a bunch of “fat guys” yesterday during an appearance on Mandy Connell’s radio show.  In response, David Williams called him “sophomoric” and claimed Beshear is a “weak governor.” And it’s only March. Why do the taxpayers have to pay these guys to hurl insults at each other during a costly special session? Strike Up the Band: I can’t figure out why the Metro Council had to pass an ordinance for this, but they did. And now live music is allowed in Old Louisville. It wouldn’t have happened without the…

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Catfight on the Council – Green Faces the Music

A funny thing happened when troubled Metro Councilwoman Judy Green appeared on the Simmons Saturday Morning Solutions program on WLOU-AM 1350. It’s a gospel station, and some of its programming, including this show, is underwritten by the Rev. Kevin Cosby’s St. Stephen Church, of which Green is a member. The show offered Green yet another opportunity to defend her actions — hiring relatives for a jobs program, taking a bribe, using an assistant’s name to run up a $25K credit card debt. Her actions are the focus of an Ethics Commission complaint, which will be considered next week. Thus far,…