Barbara Sexton Smith


CycLOUvia returns to LouisvilleKY this Saturday

Louisville – CycLOUvia makes an exciting return this coming Saturday, May 13th, to three Metro Louisville neighborhoods and Council Members Pat Mulvihill (D-10) and Barbara Sexton Smith (D-4) are encouraging people to come out and have fun. “Germantown, Schnitzelburg and Shelby Park are three areas with a rich history and great people who live and work there,” says Mulvihill. “CycLOUvia is a great way for these neighbors to come out, ride their bike or walk around and get to know the area. Folks come out, have fun and discover some of the exciting businesses located there, both old and new.”…

Wil Heuser as Angie Fenton in Real Housewives of Louisville

Wil Heuser Brings The Real Housewives to LouisvilleKY

You just have to love the Real Housewives of Louisville parody series produced by Wil Heuser. The eccentric performer talks about his 9th year of producing “The Wil Show” and how local celebrities have reacted to being depicted in his video series on the latest Rusty Satellite Show. Here’s the 2nd episode of the series. The first featured local notables Barbara Sexton Smith (a former Rusty Show guest and Metro Council member) and former WHAS-TV news anchor Melissa Swan battling over an award given at an event for, not kidding, “Red-headed Left-Handed” people. In addition, there are appearances by media…


LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Taking it on the Road to Phoenix

Hello from Arizona – I miss you guys. But it’s also great to be the tag-along guest at a conference, as I’m here in Phoenix with Paula, enjoying great weather, food and sights. My only complaint so far — In Phoenix, the airport blocks Uber/Lyft pickups, and the only ground transportation we could find for our 2-mile ride to our hotel was a cab with a $15 minimum. And then the driver expected to pocket the change from a $20 on our $16 fare (it took 5 minutes), not even offering change. Cab companies like these are hanging on to their…