Amazing Grace

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Amazing Ending in the Highlands

When the Amazing Grace Whole Foods store opened in the Highlands in 1995, it was about the only place in town to find many of its products.  There was not much of a healthy foods movement. But as Paul Koenig told me yesterday in his cluttered upstairs office, today you can get Kashi cereal at every Wal-mart, Target and Kroger in town. And that competition, as much as anything, is why he and his wife Andrea say they’re closing the store at the end of February. They say there’s little possibility that a new buyer will emerge, even though they…

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Amazing Grace in Highlands Closing Soon

Grace Carswell is still Amazing after all these years, although she has not been part of the Amazing Grace  Whole Foods market since 2006. After splitting with husband and business partner, Paul Koenig, both the store and its creators have gone through some changes. When they opened the store at 10:30 a.m. on June 17, 1995, Grace may have had thoughts about the positive impact such a business would have on the city; but I doubt she ever thought it would close its doors this soon. The latest news is the store will shut down by the end of the…