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Pusateri’s FFA Campaign Promises to Be Extremely Different

One couldn’t help but approach yesterday’s 2012 Fund for the Arts Campaign Kickoff and Arts Showcase with an added curiosity. It was, after all, the inaugural fanfare for Louisville’s first arts season in 35 years that has not rolled out under the reign of legendary Allan Cowen. Louisville’s ears have been pricked for signs of transformation. Indeed there would have to be—the Fund for the Arts moving from the leadership of a life-long arts enthusiast who spent his childhood in the concert halls of Pittsburg, to a home-builder-turned-philanthropist with an admitted indifference to classical music. There couldn’t be two personalities…

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Know Your Local News Types

Let’s have a news quiz. See if you can tell why each person is in the news: Judy Green: After LEO’s scathing story last week, Green has been investigated by every local media outlet, and the Courier-Journal turned up even more batshit crazy activities in a follow-up story on Sunday. Karen Sypher:  Facing 87 months in jail, the Pitino-extortionist will do anything to keep her name in the news and avoid going to jail, even making a speech at a local African-American church, saying she feels “blessed” at a low time in her life. Madeline Abramson: The former First Lady…