Step-By-Step Guide to Moving in Louisville


Louisville is home to the infamous Kentucky Derby which draws in international renown. Even if you don’t know what it is, chances are you have heard of it, and if you have visited this beautiful lakeside city, you might have just fallen in love with it. If you are considering moving, or want to move to another home in the area, follow this step-by-step guide on how to make that process a breeze:

Find Your Perfect Home in Your Budget

One of the main draws to Louisville is that its homes are far more affordable than other cities. Whereas in New York City a home could cost you millions of dollars, the median here is a modest $200,000. This means that it is perfect for families to raise their children in the house of their dreams and still have some money left over. If you are moving from a more expensive city, you might be amazed at how far your money can go here. Start house hunting with your kids so that they can feel involved in the process and make everything go so much smoother.

De-Clutter at Home

Once you have your dream home selected and purchased, it will be time to sell your own property. To do this, you first need to spring clean your home. This is necessary for several reasons, firstly because you need a de-cluttered home to show to potential buyers. Secondly the less stuff you have, the easier it will be to move. Be very critical of what you keep, and what you get rid of. If it isn’t useful and if you don’t actually care for it, there is no reason to hold on to it.

Hire Professionals

Whether it involves staging and selling your home or moving, you should always rely on professionals to get the job done right. This means hiring a great realtor that will help you sell your home fast and it means hiring excellent movers like this full-service Jacksonville moving company. Having professional help means taking the stress and the work off of you, so that you can instead spend the time with your kids.

Introduce Your Kids to Their New Home

If you can, bring your kids with you to see their new home and to get to know their new neighborhood. Doing this will help them with the move and can make the process easier for your whole family. You don’t want the first time your kids see their new home to be when you move in. This unknown factor is what will scare your kids, leading to tantrums and difficulties when it comes to moving. Bring your kids to see their new home, and you can convince them how great this move will be.

Find Things to Join

When it comes to moving, you don’t only have to worry about packing up and making the drive. You need to also worry about making new friends, finding your place, and making your new home into a home you can be proud of. This applies to you as much as it applies to your kids, which is why doing a bit of reconnaissance beforehand can go a long way.

The options available to you will depend entirely on how close you already live to your new home. If you live several hours away, it won’t be viable to join a group or organization until you move. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should wait. Research and find organizations online that are perfect for every member of your family. Find local courses to join so that you can learn something you have always wanted to while also meeting new friends, and so on. The same principles will apply to your kids and to yourself.

If you do live close by, however, there should be nothing to stop you from integrating into your new community now. Sign your children up for their new local sports teams or sign them up to the local boy scouts or girl guides’. The sooner they make friends in their new neighborhood, the better.

Moving to any new city or even moving within the same city should always take the same steps. You want to let professionals handle the tough parts of selling your home and moving your possessions, of course, but by bringing your children in on the decision making process and introducing them to their new home you can make the experience a positive one for everyone.


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