Spooky Time on Hillcrest

Spooks on Hillcrest

For the first time, I took in Louisville’s scariest street – the one that attracts teams of news crews every Halloween season. It’s amazing that no one on Hillcrest has figured out a way to monetize the mayhem. Part of it is as frightening as any Haunted House attraction, while others are just visually stunning. At one house, it looked like a kid who actually lived there was putting on a show of scaring folks, and I jumped about three feet when this ghostly person hung down from a tree.

And it didn’t cost a dime, not even the house that set up a front lawn photo booth and gave away pictures.

The Week:

Boehner Here: Today House Speaker John Boehner is speaking at U of L. About him, John Yarmuth said to WFPL:  “He has been a dismal failure in organizing his members in a way that we effectively deal with the challenges that this country faces.”

End of the X-tacy? The record story Ear X-tacy, which has been struggling to survive for several years, closed up shop over the weekend. All its online communications stopped, except for word on Facebook that there will be an announcement about its future today.

Occupied: Former LEO reporter Jonathan Meador, who moved to Nashville a while back to work for LEO’s sister paper there, got himself arrested at an Occupy Nashville gathering. Meador was covering the protest, not protesting, but that didn’t matter to the Nashville cops. Bravo to Southcomm’s Chris Ferrell, who put out this statement: “I expect the Governor to publicly apologize to him for this violation of his rights and to assure the people of Tennessee that this administration will not interfere with the right to a free press that has been a fundamental right in the country since our founding.”

Sweeps on Sypher: Don’t get too excited, because you’re not going to see what Karen Sypher looks like after 7 months in prison. WDRB is hyping Elizabeth Woolsey’s PHONE interview with the Rick Pitino extortionist, who compares prison life to be buried alive (!!! a Halloween reference!!!) and maintains her innocence.  Perhaps this will be the last sweeps season we have to hear the Sypher hype.

Jerry’s Prank: In Joe Gerth’s column this morning, there’s speculation that former Mayor Jerry Abramson, enjoying a rather conflict-free campaign to become Lt. Governor, has been calling in to Drew Deener’s sports radio show under the pseudonym “Wally.” Asked about it, Jerry doesen’t deny that he was phoning in his opinions on U of L’s conference realignment woes.

Breeders Cup Week:  The favorite in the richest horse race in America is a filly, Havre de Grace.  That’s on Saturday.  Before then, there’s a whole slew of activities and events in town.  There’s a Zenyatta Celebration Friday. Today’s there’s the Post Position draw at 12:30.

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  1. I love Hillcrest. I have heard that you can’t move onto that street if you don’t partake in the festivities, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.

  2. Love this grassroots entertainment! Every year I have to see it up close and personal…you have to walk it to fully appreciate it.

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