Somebody From Somewhere Says Something Nice About Kentucky Wine

Winecast, a California-based blog covering the wine business, takes a reluctant swig of 2007 Jean Farris Tempest and gushes:

You never know where the next emerging wine State will be here in the U.S. but if this wine is representative of the wines coming out of Kentucky these days, this might be the place.

Tempest is a blend of traditional Bordeaux varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc) and Spain’s signature grape, Tempranillo. Writer Tim Elliot got the wine as a gift — I’m sure he was thrilled — and tasted it (I’m guessing) grudgingly, with all the enthusiasm one might display while approaching a plate of fried testicles.

But he liked it, he really liked it.

Garnet in color with aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, sage and cedar. Bold blackberry fruit with cassis, white pepper and vanilla finishing with moderate tannins, nice acidity and just a hint of heat. Shows that world class wine can be made in the land of Bourbon.

Jean Farris Winery is outside of Lexington — as is, come to think of it, every other winery in the world. What I mean is, it’s southeast of Lexington along Interstate 75. (Map here.)

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Actually I live in the Twin Cities so I get to taste all sorts of wines made from hybrids and native grapes from the region. It’s rare I blog wines from outside of CA, OR, WA and NY so when I do it’s something special.


    Tim Elliott

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