Solutions: School Assignment Plan

Many have issues with the JCPS school assignment plan, whether it be logistical, geographical, or the performance of the school one’s student is assigned to. My suggestions? Well, we’ll get to that.

This is hopefully the first of a weekly series where I present an issue affecting our fine city, and you, dear readers, will suggest solutions in the comment section. I, along with Rick and the other contributors, want this to be a site where readers and contributors interact with one another. All the better if our conversations lead to something more.

I’m not much bothered about the feasibility of your suggestions. I’m not even bothered if you suggest sci-fi solutions; after all, they may trigger an idea that is feasible. Just put something out there.

My ideas are thus:

1. Schools are grouped geographically, and students within those areas are assigned to a school only within that area, but make the areas fairly large, so we won’t be segregated by neighborhood. It would cut down on driving time for everyone!

2. Use Transporters, a la Star Trek, rather than those silly, gas-guzzling buses. It’s good for the environment, too!

3. Give those students books for those long bus rides! Make each bus like a book club, and keep a box of the month’s chosen book on the bus. It’s much cheaper than an iPod, and we’ll improve literacy rates!

4. Make sure each school has adequate facilities, plenty of current, factual textbooks, updated equipment, and intelligent, creative teachers. In short, get our public schools on an equal footing.

5. More magnet programs. Shawnee has an excellent one: the flight magnet. Students get their private pilot’s license for free. Exciting magnet programs that will give students a skill or a trade will draw people from all over the county. That’s what got me, after all.

Now it’s your turn.

4 Comments on "Solutions: School Assignment Plan"

  1. I think initial assignments based in geography makes sense aside from the problem of neighborhood segregation (which is a different issue in itself). Then allowing students to apply to any other school in the district so they can join the magnet programs they are interested in. Maybe JCPS should look into integrating their bus system with public transit (TARC) like many universities do. One of the flaws in the system has already been eliminated by a supreme court decision (race quotas).

  2. Rick Redding | March 27, 2011 at 7:24 pm | Reply

    My son reads a lot of books on the bus, but still, there are lots of problems with busing kids around town. Any plan just has to cut the amount of time spent on the buses. Maybe that transponder thing will be a solution.

    • Traffic undoubtedly contributes to long bus rides. Perhaps if more parents put their kids on the bus and we finally get that bridge built that’ll help things!

      Defino, as far as the race quotas go, race and class go hand in hand. Our neighborhoods are very much segregated by class, and so, race. That would be a neat little way around that if we wanted kids from different neighborhoods and different races to mix more.

  3. The school assignment plan is a small issue to a bigger problem, the schools. Do away with the unions, bring charter schools in, and I bet you Jefferson Co. schools will continue to improve not just idle or worse. Getting rid of the teachers unions will never happen, I understand that is wishful thinking, but if it were to happen, I think the results will speak for themselves.
    More teachers caring about thier jobs, and more important, the students. The oportunity for teachers to provide programs for thier students that are not grade related, like after school clubs, or organized sports. Something the union prohibits. If our schools continue to improve, I would not mind my child riding a bus for two hours a day. But, if they did improve, would we need a student assignment plan afterall?

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