Sgt. Dakota Meyer’s Heroic Act

Dakota Meyer

Kentucky and all of the USA has heard about the heroics of Sgt. Dakota Meyer and the selfless act of bravery that saved so many people.  There was something that I heard, that ironically has caused my warped sense of thinking to go in an entirely different direction.

Were you aware that during the time of Sgt. Meyer saving all these people, that he was going against, and disobeying, direct orders???  That’s right.  This selfless act and awarded heroism, was due to the fact that Dakota decided to disobey orders and take matters into his own hands.

While I don’t want to take away from this act of bravery, and also have the utmost respect for Sgt. Meyer, I’m just wondering if something had gone wrong, and these folks had NOT been saved, if we would have been looking at a court-martial offense for disobeying orders, rather than a medal?

Make’s one think,,,,,, doesn’t it?