Seeing is Believing the Technology at Breakfast

The May 12 Breakfast of Champions featured Blackstone Media chief Taylor Trusty, who spoke to an audience of more than 50 about what’s new in technology and social media.

The conclusion of many was a mixture of new knowledge and confusion. Taylor’s talk was sprinkled with news about Snapchat, Airbnb and Uber, and how smart companies are targeting customers through advertising on social media. Thankfully, Taylor brought along Kat Gentner, one of the few “graphic facilitators” in the Midwest U.S. Her company, Katalyst Creative, provides a unique service — she creates a visual summary of the event while it’s happening. What’s below is the finished version of Taylor’s talk.

It sure beats taking notes.

Take a listen to this week’s Rusty Satellite Show as I discuss the Breakfast. There’s also interviews with two of the Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville — District 9 Metro Council candidate J.P. Davis and the lead singer of the Monarchs, Craig Zirnheld.

And next week on the show, Kat Gentner will be my one of my guests.


Breakfast of Champions_Blackstonemedia



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