Rusty Gets Some Culture With Gill Holland and Kirsty Gaukel


This may be the greatest Rusty Satellite Show yet.

But #11 did have a technical glitch, as I always expected would happen sometime during my venture into the world of sound. I recorded an entire segment on local news that magically disappeared when it was time to put the show together.

There was no time to re-record, and I really like the interviews with Gill Holland and Kirsty Gaukel. The show’s a good listen without my snarky comments on the news.

But here’s what you’re missing, in a nutshell. I talked about media changes, mainly the news included in this Insider Louisville story. Plus, I talked about Mandy Connell’s replacement on WHAS-AM. Your new host for an audience of old, conservative white folks is Leland Conway, who has done a similar show in Lexington.

I also expressed my opinion on the expected announcement that the bridge toll amounts were set to be announced, and I can’t believe how so many public officials are conspiring to do something so dumb. Just my opinion, but the bridges are going to discourage travel to Indiana.

Lastly, I spoke out on the strange and stupid idea being promoted by West End Metro Council members, who want to close liquor stores between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m.  Their idea is that it will cut down on crime. I’m more for free enterprise and selling a legal product at times that make business sense.

So that’s what you missed. The rest of the show is worth a listen.  Believe me.  Okay, here’s a hint. $35 million hotel in NuLu. Grocery stores. And Kirsty Guakel of Actors tells me about her journey from Scotland to Louisville, and plans for Actors’ 50th year.

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