Rusty #5: Nick Weis and Perry Clark on MovieMaking and Marijuana


Again, an action-packed week of stuff going on.

I convinced Nick Weis to come by the studios in the Highlands to talk about his documentary called “World’s Greatest Extra”. Nick, at 27, has figured out a way to make a living as a freelance film editor while spending the rest of his time working on this pet project. It’s worth contributing, quickly, to his Kickstarter fund-raising effort.

To get my interview with Perry Clark, I went out to his New Cut Road home, where the day before he’d hosted a rally of sorts to promote the passage of a law legalizing medicinal marijuana in Kentucky. When I pressed him, I couldn’t get Clark to say who he thinks his opposition will be in Frankfort, but you can bet it will be fierce.

My segment on the show focused on an unusual amount of media news. Bennie Ivory, long-time Courier-Journal editor, called it quits. John Belski, after 30 years at WAVE and two in semi-retirement, joined the meteorology staff at WLKY-TV, where his career started. There was a big story about another retired WAVE-TV weather guy, Tom Wills, who just had successful heart surgery.

And when Mandy Connell announced she’s leaving WHAS Radio for Mile-High Country, I talked to her and wrote this piece for Insider Louisville.  I finished up another IL piece, talking with the bosses at WAVE and WLKY about Bill Lamb’s “No Breaking News” pledge at WDRB.

Regional Emmy Awards were announced last weekend, and WAVE-TV led the way among local stations. Why? It has the local Emmy King, John Boel, on staff. While some (me) might say that just means he’s really good at filling out award entries, there’s no doubt that Boel’s amazing comeback (which I wrote about here) is a feel-good story.

It looks like Mitch McConnell’s going to have some competition in a Republican primary from a Tea Partier – Matthew Bevin. The businessman’s candidacy, announced Wednesday, is causing the state’s Tea Party members to split sides, especially after the former Tea Party chief quit to run Bevin’s campaign. He has no chance of upsetting McConnell, which makes you wonder how these wealthy businessmen got so rich if they spend their money so frivolously taking on impossible political races.

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