Root Beer Won’t Float for Yum

Louisville-based Yum! Brands announced today it plans to sell two of its fast-food brands to focus its energies on the others.  There are 1,630 A&W and Long John Silver’s restaurants in Yum’s portfolio of more than 37,000. The rest are Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC locations.

The news, which is making a big splash on the Internet, is simply that the company is looking for buyers. So don’t take down all that signage at the new arena just yet.

The official company word is that the two brands “don’t fit” into the company’s long-term strategy. That sounds like a fancy way of saying the brands were under-performing. It seemed that Yum’s purchase of both brands, which seemed to be heading downhill until Yum’s purchase of the brands in 2002, back when it was known as Tricon.

But no one I know is a big fan of A&W, or root beer, and the attempt to boost the popularity of A&W and Long John’s by combining them in locations with KFCs and Taco Bells apparently is not working.

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  1. I thought the dual restaurant idea was a complete flop. Who wants to go into a restaurant for a burger and smell FISH? The whole concept was enough to turn my stomach… I think both brands are salvageable but need some serious re-branding and updated menus… Another great idea for any restaurant: Cleanliness is number ONE… I simply will not eat at a place that is not sparkling clean and both of these chains need big improvements in that department!

    Another great article Rick!

  2. Hey, you’re the goto eexrpt. Thanks for hanging out here.

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