RIP #RIM? The Socially Deprived tweet BlackBerry and Apple iOS Humor


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the Blackberry : Research (not) In Motion

If you are a Blackberry user, I am sorry.

Seems that my BBM using friends have been suffering mercilessly for a few days at the lack of messaging service, social media apps and connectivity.

Official statement earlier today:

Wednesday 12th October – 14:38 (GMT-5)
We continue to work on clearing the message backlog in order to eliminate delays. Thank you for your patience.

Backlog? Of data push?

Here is what My Favorite digital mag has to say:

M ashable reports on RIM Outage


“Yach described the initial outage as a failure of one of RIM’s core switches. However, the real trouble began when RIM’s redundant systems failed, as well. “The failover did not function as expected,” Yach said, “despite the fact that we regularly test failover systems.” This led to a significant backup of mail.

RIM responded by throttling service in the impacted area to stabilize service, which apparently resulted in backup of mail in other regions trying to reach RIM’s European customers. The Canadian-based company would not reveal the exact number of RIM customers affected, saying only that many customers are impacted in a variety of ways. “Some see delays, some service interruption,” Yach said.

For now, RIM says it is working “around the clock” and “globally” to try and restore service. It has not throttled service in regions outside Europe. RIM’s Yach said they’re focusing on clearing out the backlog of email, much of it in Europe and for anyone trying to deliver email to Europe.”


Seems the death of RIM is coming more quickly than we originally thought.

What started on Monday in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.  has now spread to the US and has been a distress for many for 24 hours now.

Thankfully,  my mac and iphone are in perfect working order, and I can follow all my social media in working order ( thank you, Steve Jobs.) With that, brings levity from my dear humorous Twitter as the phrase #Dear Blackberry is trending more quickly than #Justin Beiber.




Check out a bit of the hilarity coming from all over the world; 
Dear Blackberry, I went from having a smart phone to having an over sized calculator. Thanks a lot. – frustrated customer.

@megg_stylesx megan gore :’) 
Dear BlackBerry, what did one bbm user say to another? nothing ….ahahahahhaha, ohmygosh.

@Dear BlackBerry, Thanks for honoring Steve Jobs’ death with a 3-day silence. Yours sincerely, Apple

Dear, BlackBerry. Please give me a refund so I can buy an iPhone. Sincerely, me.
Dear #Blackberry, can you please reset your system by pulling the battery for 5 min? Then put it back in and power up.


You have to admit, these are pretty funny and some are trending worldwide now, gaining speed.

Looks like RIM may be RIP after its users get done with them.

Now, we are not sure why RIM on twitter would attempt to soothe customers, but here are a few tweets back to the world from RIM HQ:

BlackBerry Research In Motion
@Purple_Rain86 We apologize for any inconvenience. We will be posting updates here:
Research In Motion
BlackBerry Research In Motion
Hoax chain messages are circulating on BBM. These messages did not originate from RIM. Please ignore & do not forward.
Research In Motion
BlackBerry Research In Motion

@bajanswaggboy Sorry! We are working on it. Updates will be posted here:
Research In Motion
BlackBerry Research In Motion
Update: We continue to work on clearing the message backlog in order to eliminate delays. Thank you for your patience.
Research In Motion
BlackBerry Research In Motion
We’re aware many of you are experiencing service delays. Restoring full service is our number 1 priority. LINK


Conversely, Apple may be having its own issues:

@jeeveswilliams Jeeves Williams 
BlackBerry is down and downloading iOS 5 results in ‘ERROR 3200’. I can see the headlines already: ‘APPLE AND BLACKBERRY CRUMBLE’.

#Downloading iOS 5 for iPad. In the past 10 minutes, download time remaining has gone from 72 minutes left to 76 minutes left. 

#By the time I finish downloading iOS 5 the iPhone 7 will be out..

Seems everyone was trying to upgrade at the same time, resulting in, well a backlog? The Apple Community has lots of forums and chatter, but not an official statement.

We shall watch the trend and see what Apple has to say.



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