Put Louisville’s Ben Rhodes on Top of NASCAR Voting


If you follow my online antics, you probably know about Ben Rhodes.

Ben Rhodes is the 16-year-old racecar driver who is making a name for himself in the NASCAR K&N Series, a small step away from racing with the Sprint Cup drivers in the top of the sport. He’s having a great year, racing on the biggest tracks in the country, competing with drivers who are usually older and, certainly, not from Louisville OR Kentucky.

His car is sponsored by my company, Alpha Energy Solutions. You can find out about him through his web site, his Ben Rhodes Facebook page (with 10,000 plus followers) and his popular @BenRhodes Twitter feed (voted #1 by LEO Readers). He’s been featured on local billboards (for Park Federal Credit Union), PSAs (for the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety) and in a really cool commercial for Alpha. And yes, he’s been on the Rusty Satellite Show.

Now I’m asking you to take one step to help boost Ben’s national reputation. Please take a moment and vote Ben Rhodes in NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Contest. He’s up against a few dozen other drivers, all of whom have their own followings in their own hometowns. But here in Louisville, we’re pulling out all the stops to put Ben at the top of the list.

So please go to THIS LINK, and place a vote Ben Rhodes.

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